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A pattern that is between the size of your palm and your fingertips in the repeat or where the repeat is between 3 x 3 cms (1 ¼ ” x 1 ¼ ”) and 10 x 10 cms (4 ” x 4 ”). CLASSIFICATION: Smart and Relaxed Casual depending on the fabric.

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Personal Overview

Pattern: Size for name

These notes relate to your best pattern size/scale.

Your bone structure, height and weight make MEDIUM to LARGE your best scale for prints, patterns, jewellery, hats and hairstyles. Small scale items can look odd against your size and scale. To gauge the size of patterns, look for where the pattern is repeated and use your hand to gauge the size; small patterns will fit into the cup of your hand, medium patterns from the centre of your hand to the middle joint of your forefinger and large patterns will be anything that falls outside of your middle finger joint.


General Overview

Pattern: Size

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