• Board Shorts
  • Trunk
  • Square Cut
  • Brief/Speedo
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Board shorts have long been associated with surfing. Also known as "boardies", especially in Australia. They are longer than trunks, shorts, or the form-fitting Speedo styles of swimwear. They extend to around knee length. Classification: Casual.

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After use, rinse swimwear out and allow it to dry naturally, not in a dryer. Salt water and chlorine are both bleaching agents. When washing trunks turn them inside out, avoid hot water and bleach. To reduce fading try soaking a brand new garment in cold water and vinegar. This should set the colour. Set the washing machine settings to cold water and small load. Pour a cup of vinegar into the cold water and let the machine mix it for about 1 minute. Turn the garment inside out (a good tip for regular washing) and place it in the washing machine. Let it mix for a few more minutes, until the garment is submerged. Shut the machine off and let it soak overnight or at least for a few hours. Then turn the machine back on and let it complete the cycle.


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